NYU Polytech brings the classic movie Fantastic Voyage to life with "The Augmented Reality Human Body". "The Augmented Reality Human Body - Mobile app" will shrink the viewer with augmented reality so they can explore the human body from the inside.
The project will use bio feedback so the viewer can see how their body is working in real time.
An example of this is viewers who are able to slow their heart rates can see it happen in real time from inside the heart!

This blog will document an on going research project by some of the 3d Studio Seminar students of NYU Polytech, Fall 2012.

The project will be an educational tool creating a unique learning experience for viewers of all ages.  This is a class project for NYU Polytech's 3d Studio Seminar.

We enjoy collaboration so if you have an idea or think you can add to the project please contact us.

contact : polytech3d@gmail.com

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